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Time and Place
Godís time and place
It takes humility to begin,
the story,
but itís so worth telling.
Remind me, Jesus,
that itís true... itís so worth telling.
Remind me, please Dear,
how honest and destined it is,
how you require it.
I remember now how we looked into each otherís hearts...
Iím coming back.
Open smiles again.
Itís all about you.
I heard it singing!
and I felt it dancing just in this beautiful moment...
it wonít last indefinitely, because Iím so weak and forgetful,
but Iím enjoying it just now...
and Iíll enjoy it again and again and again,
and If only I could cling to you perfectly,
I know then it would never end.
I want to bless you.
You bless me.
Iíd known that once, much deeper than there in my head...
Iím coming back.
Open Smiles..
songs and giggles
just for a moment,
but for true moments.
Scattered moments through out my life,
sprinkling the process of your plan,
refreshing, tiny sparks of You in me.
Iím coming back.
Another Smile.
I bring you my tears,
and I watch with enchantment (deliberate word)
as you bottle them up in a pearly vase
and consume them in yourself,
for me.
If it meant this..
could I have ever known?
I donít even know...
I donít even know...
I donít even know...
Is this how things appear?
I donít know.. but it doesnít matter...
in the end,
even these things Iíve created, if my eye can see their truth at all,
it only matters that your will is done,
that you are pleased,
that you still have control.
And what could I do to make you lose control?
Into my Heart.

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