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January 21, 1999
Peas float
carrots don't
funny how that works
Why are you so angry?
I know I sinned against you
I know I beat you
I know I hurt you
I know I cursed you,
condemned you,
made fun of you.
I know I was wrong.
You know I was wrong.
God knows I was wrong.
I asked God to forgive me,
for the ways that I hurt you,
and I told you I'd stop.
I'm trying.
Trying really hard.
I apologized.
A couple of times, actually.
Told you I was sorry.
And that I'd do whatever you needed me to do
to make the way
for you to
me again.
There's nothing more I can do.
So what are your demands?
I can't go back in time and change events, words
I'm quitting, I'm stopping, I'm not
beating you
cursing you
where is your patience?
You asked for change,
why won't you accept it?
Why won't you even give me a chance to prove I'm changing.
That I'm trying.
The intent of my heart is pure.
God knows my heart.
God forgave me.
I thought you were a Christian man-
why can't you forgive me?
Matthew 6:15
"but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."
So let us recount:
You said
this and this and this and this make me angry
and I said I was wrong
that I wouldn't do
this and this and this
I stopped.
you swear at me
you mock me
you hit me
you swear at me
you steal my stuff
you hurt me
you swear at me
you are rude to me
and you think it's justice,
think it's your due pay back
didn't you ever listen when Mom told you
"two wrongs don't make a right!"
Vengeance is mine says the Lord.
But just because I want your forgiveness,
don't think I'm going to sit around and watch you spit on me
I don't need to be violent
I don't need to be vulgar
I don't need to be deceitful
I don't like being forced to listen to your foul music
I don't like being forced to listen to your foul words
and intents
I don't like watching nasty shows on TV
Do you think God would like to listen to your music, hear your words, or curl up on the couch to your favorite show?
I'm not telling you what you can and can't do
(God will do that in his own time)
I'm just asking you
respect me
and my desire
my right
to be godly
to not listen to your swear-word filled songs (please, just turn the volume down)
We both know the word
~the word is the truth~
and, frankly, the word doesn't like your style
Don't hate me for following God's instructions for life.
I don't think I'm better than you.
I do think God's way is better than your way.
And I won't apologize for that.
After all, there's only two ways
God's way
and the wrong way
to do everything
it's one plus one my friend
black and white peas float
carrots don't

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