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March 17, 1999

A collage of Chris Rice Lyrics

Am I naive to want to remedy for ever bitter heart...
Can I believe you hold an exclamation point for every question mark
Am I the fool?
Am I just a fool?
I'll be a fool,
yes I'll be a fool...
for standing alone while they mock your name...
well if your God is so good
if love is so good
tell us why all the pain...
I'm not sure, not so sure
that God
that love
is to blame
(I hear
that a God who's good
would never let the evil run
so long, but I say,
it's because you're good,
you're giving us more time)
and I believe that you love to show us
but when will you
step into
our sky blue
and say that's quite enough...
and may I be so bold to ask you...
How far will you allow the human race to run and hide
and how much can you tolerate our weaknesses
None of us knows,
and this makes it a mystery
if Life is a comedy,
than why all the tragedy?
God if you're there,
I wish you'd show me
and God if you care,
then I need you to know me
I hope you donít' mind me askin the questions
but I figure
You're big enough....
Does anyone hear us pray? If I die before I wake?
The mirrors another place, where we wrestle face to face
with the image of deity
When I imagine the size of the universe,
and I wonder what's out past the edges,
and I discover inside me a space as big
and believe that I'm meant to be filled up with more than just questions.
And I know...
that somewhere
behind those stars
is someone who belongs to me
and I KNOW
in my deepest heart
in my deepest understanding of love
there's a place for you
until I find the place you've made for me
I think you like me naive
and endlessly hopeful
I may seem naive...
but the world can't always "see" the truth...
Blest is the heart that gets broken, but
logic is pointless
is what counts
Like a mighty wind blows with a force I cannot see
I will open wide my wings
I will open wide my wings
I will open wide my wings
and let the spirit
Carry Me.