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January 21, 1999
The sun is always shining
whether we see it or not
darkness is conditional
the earth’s rotation
the sun is always there
the son is always there
I never think about how important sunlight is to my every day
day itself, the sun
I just expect the sun to be there
to function for me
because that's what God commanded it to do
I never count the sun when I count my blessings
I never think twice about dawn
and I never bite my nails,
wondering if there will be a return,
when the sun goes down at night
It's not really going down
we are
Mothers are kind of like the sun
She's always there
and I never think twice about it
I never appreciate her
I never realize how important she is to my every day
or I don't want to realize it
I just expect her to be there
to function for me
Because that's what God commanded her to do
New Clothes
Money for trips and activities
Ironing my clothes
Rides here and there
Praying for me
I hate getting help
I don't want some one else to do it for me
I want to do it myself
I'm so prideful
It breaks me to admit
She does more than I can give her credit for
and doing it all
despite my acknowledgement of her
of her deeds
of her prayers
of her love
makes her all the more worthy.

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