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January 24, 2000
The simplicity of your love,
the complexity of my heart,
how I long to be quiet and pure -
seeking your throne and comprehending the treasures you disclose.
Here I find myself trapped inside time, logic, and passing faith.
I find myself caught between waves of doubt and spinning thought,
my circumstances try to dictate
the intensity of revealed, Divine love to my searching eyes.
I long to be made simple, Lord.
I long to be quiet, solemn, and free from the
hindrances of distance
I long to simply dwell in your presence, in
the truth of your love for me,
in the peace of your promises,
in the joy of your glory,
I long to simply dwell in the absence of my worldly chains.
My heart cries out to possess the hope you’re calling me to..
I long to be surrendered wholly to your passions and will...
I ache to be delivered from the ambitions I nevertheless chase,
my eyes darting constantly
back and forth
from dream-tasks to my precious Lord.
My heart is clouded far too often,
with the strain of expectations and chores -
in its infant stages, I am entirely blind to its conception.
How forgetfulness and indifference engulfs my mind
is a maddening mystery I continually ponder
while I glance
back and forth - chores and Christ.
Make me like the snow, Lord Jesus.
It descends so quietly and floats gracefully
on a path only you dare predict.
Pure, white, let-down from Heaven,
and gentle as it falls on your people.
It can bring delight to child-like hearts by
the sparkle and wonder you implant in its character,
or it can come rushing down like sheets of force,
altering lifestyles, challenging security and authority, and covering the ground in a cloak of pure white,
by the power you alone allocate.
Still my heart Lord, make me quiet and gentle,
descending on your people with a pure heart,
on a graceful path only you dare predict.
Still my mind Lord,
make me pure and purposeful,
like every unique petal of winter snow -
You trace each one as it falls to its destination.
Assign your power in my life, Lord God.
Anoint me and implant me with the
sparkle and wonder of your mystery,
a quiet, potent force,
altering lifestyles, challenging, and covering the ground in a cloak of pure white.
Inject my complex heart
with the simplicity your all,
so I can standstill,
and still be explicitly yours.

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