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December 18, 1999
I don't know you.
I don't trust you.
I can't believe that you're the person
I used to love
I can't tell you
my truest feelings
I'd rather walk away and let you
wallow in your sin
One good turn deserves another...
Do the bad ones too?
I used to see reflections
of Jesus in your eyes
Now your countenance
is empty and black
dark and covered
evil and cold
all you ever do is beg
homework answers
Sometimes, when I hear the
voice of that
whining demon
who sits on the throne
of your heart
I want to stand up
and scream
and cry
and throw things at you
and grab your face in
my hands
squeeze your flushed cheeks
tear into your soul and say
"You Fool! Why are you ruining your life?!"
Friend and Foe
you tear my heart wide
open in bloody gashes
puffs of polluted air
and lies.
Do you realize with your every sin
you're gnawing on the flesh of my heart?
more than betraying me
breaking me
breaking promises, pacts,
~ denying it all~
~ making excuses~
making it seem like no big deal
quenching the call of your long drowned conscious.
Your angel is calling:
It's a message straight form
And it's with you always
You wayward, crushing, forgetful fool!
What do you thing Calvary is all about?
Jesus didn't die because
his poppa thought it'd be a nice gesture to
He died because you lied today.
Because you swore today.
Because you gossiped.
Because you had sex with your boyfriend.
Because you thought cruel and mocking thoughts.
Because you stood by,
silent and foolish,
while others did the same-
because you pronounced
God with your lips
and denounced him in every
tainted breath you breath
you spit in the face of God
you wrench his heart
you gnaw at his heart
you tear his soul into
agonizing fragments of sorrow
and anger and wrath
You cuss and swear and profane his name
just to be cool
Did Satan laugh at you?
or did you laugh at God?
You know full well he is above everything,
how dare you defy al that's
and good
simply because you feel like it.
Have your ways shrouded
off all feeling of guilt
are you ever remorseful?
(Aww, you poor victim, slap yourself on the hand, cause you've been a little naughty, then go right back to your perverted life, cause it's no big deal.)
Yeah right, I don't think so.
Never, have I known someone
who disappoints me as much
as you.
You are. The biggest disappointment of my life
I can't stand to verbalize it,
and I can't stand to hear
your petty filled voice,
because it's too painful
We're living in a world
where there's two sets of
right and wrong:
The set that "fits who you are and your lifestyle"
and the REAL one, given to us by
Christ Jesus
If God is with you, who can be against you?
If God is against you,
or rather,
you are against God,
how can I be for you?
How can I support you,
when I despise the very tainted breath you breath?
How can I confide in you,
if you've no standards?
How can I believe you,
when I watch you lie to your father,
the physical and spiritual one,
and to your
How can I help you,
when you ignore me,
and when you toxicate yourself with
polluted smoke.
How can you pretend you're happy,
when deep down,
you feel all you need is God?
How can you sleep at night?