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July 5, 1999
Never wanted to fall this far into temptation,
Never expected to fall this far into grace.
You show me more and more
when I'm sure
there's nothing greater.
Don't stop dreamin'.
There's a sky that never rests
a wind that always sings
a star that dances endlessly
and I've inherited it all.
I'm worth no more
than the dirt under
a finger nail,
a wilted, thorny bush,
a cold, shapeless lump of mud,
and I reinforce that theory
every time I breathe.
All my human uselessness,
glorifies your grace.
In all your majestic perfection,
your omnipotent power,
your never ending
righteousness and purity
you freely chose
to engulf me in your redeeming love,
to hold me safe and secure
in the palm of your hand,
to heal my terrible wrongs,
to bestow upon me
talents and opportunities
to inflame your holy perfection,
pure, purity, and redemption,
to love me, mold me
into something warm
filled with worth and spirit,
through your gift of grace alone.
No enchanting song,
No comforting word,
No unconditional love,
No item of peace,
is woven
without the complete
guide of your
will and ability.
your plan
eludes us all.
How it all fits together,
is the greatest mystery
known to our
useless minds.
Why you prompt each step
in these chosen directions
is foreign to us.
And all the while,
this mystery is one of
the most beautiful aspects
of life on your created Earth.
That our direction changes
with little to no warning,
yet we may know with
comfort and joy
that you're sending us with
your blessing
to inflame
your Holy Kingdom.
"The Wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know whence it comes or whither it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8
"Like a mighty Wind blows with a force I cannot see, I will open wide my wings, and let the spirit carry me."
(Chris Rice)
Never expected to fall this far into Grace.

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