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January 21, 1999
Fish out of water
A promise of God
I like rainbows
they're beautiful
God created them, after all.
Imagine the days before rainbows
Imagine the days when rainbows were new!
To look up into the sky
and feel like you were
looking right into the face of the father.
They all knew
Noah's family
they all knew what the rainbow stood for
it must have been awfully reassuring
to see the blazing colors in the sky,
and the fire of their hearts must have been rekindled a bit
filled with promise and joy
to know that God remembered them
What a wonderful covenant
So when did things change?
When did Noah's children stop telling their children
the beautiful story of the rainbow?
When did they twist it, and why?
Where did these leprechauns
and pots of gold
come from?

Once again, has the human mind and imagination
tried to improve upon something
already at it's peak of beauty
We still tell our children the story
of the rainbow
but we also read them stories
about leprechauns
and pots of gold
we've forgotten the origin of the rainbow
chosen to forget
and it seems today
some human minds and imaginations
want to create their own symbols and meanings for the rainbow
want to use this beautiful sign of God's covenant with an
obedient people
as a sign of disobedience
Fish Out Of Water.
When I tell my kids the story of the rainbow,
I'm gonna reflect for a moment
and I'm gonna let some excitement infiltrate my voice
and if I'm feeling really sentimental
I might let a tear or two dance on my cheeks
cause God's promises are beautiful
God's promises are wonderful
God's promises are my only hope in life
I hope we all have kids
who when they see rainbows
don't think of disobedient human hearts
but that God's promises are beautiful
God's promises are wonderful
God's promises are the only hope in life
and a tear might dance down their cheeks
Fish out of water.

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