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August 19, 1999
I値l stand on my front porch,
in a light,
floral printed
drape myself
around a pole or rail or post
tilt my head
and watch the sunset.
The breeze will blow.
It値l be early Spring,
or Mid-July,
or the eve of summer,
maybe even those
sultry days in
early Fall.
I値l be silent,
except for maybe
to whistle
a favorite song or two,
or to hum a
special harmony.
I値l swing my
and smile
with all my expression
at the neighbor boy
along the road.
My Husband will
think I知 nuts
and a bit silly,
for being so enveloped in such a simple event,
But His silent
will be flavored
pride in his eyes
adoration & delight
on his face,
and a flutter of
committed love in his heart.
He値l treasure
a beauty in me
that no one else sees,
and he値l thank
God for our love,
as he shakes his head and
That痴 one of my dreams...
Sometimes, I値l slide down
my stairway
in my pajamas...
Every once-in-a-while,
I値l sit
Indian Style
on the kitchen counter
and have a snack...
Now and then,
I値l leave little abstract
letters in the very
back of the fridge,
telling my family how
much I love & treasure
Just for reflection,
I値l stare out windows
in those long moments
when everything
is real
and fairy tale
all at once.
I won稚 forget to blow bubbles
in my apple juice!
when a great song comes on the radio
just as I pull in the driveway,
I値l take a few extra minutes
to sit
to sing
at the top of my lungs.
Perhaps when I知 34,
I値l build a house out of dominos
and soak up the
of knocking it down
and laughing out loud.
Those are my dreams too...
I want to dance in the rain
once or twice again
before I die.
My dreams set new horizons,
create enchanted lands,
my hopes and plans uplifted,
by one
a person to console me,
he holds my future tight,
and even though, I seem alone,
he dreams with me at night.
If I知 lucky,
I値l have pillow fights with my husband,
but I値l always be sure to let him win....
he痴 got dreams too you know!

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