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September 25, 1999
This time
is another chance,
thank God!
This time,
I am again
a new creation in Christ.
This time,
Iíll have the courage to forgive myself.
This time,
Iíll try a little harder,
because last time hurt me and God a little too much.
This time,
I wonít be defeated in Spirit, Iíll have hope
and faith
that even though
I stumble again and again
I still have worth to God
and itís never a bad time
to strive to be holy.
This time,
Iíll smile a little more.
Pray more often.
Be a little less self-conscious,
and More God Conscious.
Let go a little more.
This time,
is a tiny step
toward a big goal,
but a more effective stride
than the ones Iíve managed till now.
By the end of the day,
Iíll have fallen again, crushing my own progress with the motives of my heart and the
deeds of my hands-
but there is One who loves me,
Heís renewing my mind to see like He does,
and I yearn for the wisdom and courage it takes,
To Accept A Righteous View That Seems Backward To The world.
I may be a dim light,
but Jesus has the batteries, the wires, the bulbs,
to make me brighter,
and I wonít be ashamed to reach for his help.
I am forgiven, I am still worthwhile, I am still important to God and his plan,
I wonít be ashamed to have hope,
and to strive to be holy
once again.

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