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January 14, 2000
I was far too loud,
Inside an anxious soul,
to hear you whisper how to rest.
I was far too hard,
with stern control,
to hear you whispering whats best.

Id been far too distant,
withdrawn from where you reign,
afraid to mend the vices of my doubt.
Id been far too weary,
from dwelling on pain,
resisting all the ways you sought me out.

I am far too thankful,
for how you blessed me yet,
to withhold the heart your mercy mended.
I am far too dazzled,
by how my needs were met,
0 faithfully as you had ever intended.

I ran to You.
I ran to You.
Finally, Lord, I saw you were waiting to meet me.
My joy in You.
My hope in You.
Forgive me, Lord, for letting my pride defeat me.
Despite all the chances I wasted,
You Lord, faithfully waited-
I run to You.
I run to You.

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