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August 21, 1999
Sprawled out on a sea of emerald blades,
painted with a shower of twilight shade,
I imagine as I study distant stars
that I still have worth like these glowing in the dark.

For sundry tears, I wouldnít call it crying,
a simple product of a faithful heartís dying,
the whole of them enumerate my scars
those worn around my core like a tree parades itís bark.

I spread my wings, and pretend Iím still a Princess.
That somewhere, I still belong in song, or a picture, or a smile.
That my Someday will uncover
the ambition of my lover,
and Iím pleading tearful anguish with Creation all the while.

Far too Far and once so near,
Itís not easy being strong.
So I pray beyond my pain.

Dancing in a bed of absent motion,
Memory frames each drop of my emotion.
Eyes that now can haunt and then transform my soul,
amble in pictures, promises, and prized letters.

Forgotten- I pretend that I am not,
That time & faith subdue the largest clot,
Lie when I believe I am esteemed a dream still whole,
that in those Eyes no other belle could be deemed better.

I spread my wings, I believe Iím still Beloved.
That somewhere, I still belong to a hug, or a kiss upon the cheek.
That my Savior
will grant Favor
to an alter sometimes shattered - your holy will is what I seek.

Far too Far and once so near.
Itís not easy being strong.
So I pray beyond my pain.
"If it is something you should have, but you do not, than it is something special."
If you saw me, than you see me.
If you heard me, than you hear me.
If you loved me, than you love me.

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