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January 7, 1999

"The real death of America will come when everyone is alike."
~ James T. Ellison ~

Is diversity an adequate mix of various races, colors, and cultures? While these things are important to diversity, seeking only these attributes is our first failure in becoming a more diversified nation. The quest for true diversity can't be won by blending general groups of colors and cultures into the melting pot, but by seeking individual personalities who strive to share with the world the unique talents that only they posses. One's contribution isn't simply existing as an African American, a Jew, or an Asian American: These things strengthen your "difference", but they're only a piece of the pie. A person's true contribution to diversity comes when, regardless of race or culture, they recognize their God given talents as tools for educating, encouraging, and loving others. Being a bi-racial child has helped me to realize that you don't have to fit into a "specific category of people" to have a culture, to have identity, to have a contribution. These realizations have driven me to value the gifts I can share, over the color of my skin or the creed of my culture.

My life's goal is to love others and give them hope, by living an example of a firm Christian life. God has given me the talents of leadership, public speaking, singing, and athleticism to reach my goal. Leadership has allowed me to be an example to many: I've been class president for three years, held the offices of secretary, treasurer, and president in my DECA chapter, been the captain of my track team, been a member of the NHS, and was chosen to represent my school at Girl's State. Impromptu speeches and discussions at Girl's State made me realize the power of being able to adequately express my views, and since then, I've frequently taken the opportunity to publicly incorporate my ideas at community and school board meetings. I've also had a chance to shine in the public eye through my voice and athletics. In high school, I've been involved in choir, cheerleading, and track, which have opened worlds of people for me to be an example to. This is especially true in track, where in high jump I've twice won the All-Conference honorable mention award, qualified twice for the All-Star meet, and qualified for the State meet all three years.

I'm excited about my opportunity to be a Christian example and to contribute to diversity at Western. There is no better way for me, or anyone for that matter, to contribute to diversity, to be different, to be special, than to use the unique talents God gave to attain high goals and noble dreams. I plan to continue to offer my talents as an involved leader, a performer, and a speaker at Western, in hopes of attaining my high goal: to inject the lives around me with hope and love. "The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward (Igor Sikorsky)."

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