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God hears no more than the heart speaks; and if the heart be dumb,
God will certainly be deaf.

~ Thomas Brooks ~

It seems as though there is a growing cynicism in the world today towards God. And in the haste to crown free will as righteous and God as foolish, love, hope, inspiration, self-worth, and joy have grown cold. There is also a growing communication in this world, through the web, television, radio and many other incredible avenues. Unfortunately those avenues have too often been used to pass on the hopeless message of "to each his own", rather than the glory of God. I hope that this page, a collection of poems and thought pages to send to those you want to share a word of God with, as well as essays, will fulfill two goals:

* 1)To Bring Glory To God *
* 2) To Show Christians and Non-Christians alike that there is *
peace, hope, and joy in God!


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